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If you believe that braces are only for teens, it’s time to reconsider: About one in five Orthodontic patients is an adult. Dr. Jared H. Condie at Sunny Smile Orthodontics provides braces for many adults, and he can tell you from experience that mature men and women get the same wonderful results as younger Orthodontic patients. If you’re an adult who’s thinking about braces, contact Dr. Condie’s office to schedule a consultation and see how we go the extra mile to improve your sunny smile!

Adult Braces Q & A

Can adults wear braces?

Yes, adults can wear braces. In fact, you should wear braces if you want to improve your smile. Crowded or overlapping teeth make it difficult to properly clean and floss, which increases your risk for tooth decay and gum disease. If your teeth aren’t properly aligned and don’t fit together when you bite down, you may have trouble chewing or even making certain sounds.

Over time, uneven pressure from a misaligned bite can lead to damaged or cracked teeth. Plus, if you begin to experience pain in your jaw or develop temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), it could be caused or worsened by Orthodontic problems that can be corrected with braces.

Is the treatment plan for adult braces different compared to teens?

The length of time depends on the amount of repositioning you need: A consultation with Dr. Condie can help you determine what Orthodontic treatment is right for you. He discusses your treatment plan and gives you an estimate of how long you can expect your treatment to be.

What types of braces can adults wear?

Adults can wear all of the same types of braces as teens. Dr. Condie and the team at Sunny Smile Orthodontics would love to meet with you and show you all the treatment options available to improve your sunny smile.

If you’re an adult and you’ve been wondering about braces, don’t wait to call Sunny Smile Orthodontics. Dr. Condie has plenty of experience fitting adults with braces and after an examination, he can help you decide what options are a good choice for your Orthodontic needs.


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