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Invisalign®, sometimes called Clear Correct or “6 Month Smiles,” are a series of aligners that straighten your teeth. Since Invisalign is made of clear plastic, you get benefits of teeth movement without any of the traditional metal. Dr. Jared H. Condie at Sunny Smile Orthodontics understands that getting braces is a big decision. He works with you to get optimal results, while protecting your appearance. If you’re concerned about the alignment of your teeth, contact the office to schedule a consultation and learn if Invisalign is a good choice for you.

Invisalign Q & A

How does Invisalign Work?

Dr. Condie takes an impression of your teeth, then creates a three dimensional model of your mouth. From there, he develops a treatment plan that maps out how the position of each tooth must be adjusted to correct your misalignment problems.

The plan is sent to Invisalign technicians, who build a series of plastic aligners that are custom-fitted for your mouth. Each aligner in the series has a slightly different form, so every time you start wearing a new aligner, it adds more pressure that gradually adjusts the position of your teeth.

You begin with the first aligner, wear it for the time recommend by Dr. Condie, then replace it with the second aligner. You continue exchanging the current aligner with the next one in the series until you’ve worn all the aligners. It’s important to continue regular Orthodontic check-ups with Dr. Condie during this time so he can guide your use of the aligner and track your progress.

Who is a good candidate for Invisalign?

In general, you’re probably a good candidate for Invisalign if you don’t have any major alignment issues. Invisalign also is beneficial if you’ve had braces in the past and only need a few small tweaks. Dr. Condie can assess your smile during your consultation to see if Invisalign is right for you.

How does Dr. Condie track your progress?

While wearing Invisalign, you have regular appointments with Dr. Condie so he can make sure there aren’t any problems and verify that your teeth are adjusting according to  the treatment plan.

Even though Invisalign can be removed to brush and floss, you need to wear it all of the time until treatment is finished. If you take one aligner out for an extended time, you won’t get the expected results because the pressure placed on your teeth must be consistent.


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