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Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain affects 15% of all people, but it’s not the only cause of jaw pain. Your jaw pain could be due to an Orthodontic disorder that can be treated by Dr. Jared H. Condie of Sunny Smile Orthodontics. He provides braces and other Orthodontic appliances that relax your jaw, prevent teeth grinding, and improve jaw alignment.

Jaw Pain Q & A

What causes jaw pain?

Having pain in your jaw isn’t something you should have to live with. Not only is it uncomfortable, it can be dangerous for your oral health if you don’t get treatment. Jaw pain can come from:

  • Clenching or grinding your teeth
  • An infection called osteomyelitis
  • Gum disease
  • A broken jaw
  • Dental cavities
  • An abscessed tooth
  • Temporomandibular joint disease (TMJ)

What is temporomandibular joint disorder?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint on both sides of your face where your jaw meets the skull. When this joint isn’t working the way it should, you may have jaw pain and experience clicking or popping sounds when opening your mouth. You may even have trouble moving your jaw.

TMJ disorder may be due to misaligned jaw bones, grinding or clenching your teeth, injury to the jaw or muscles, or arthritis. Orthodontic treatment is available to correct jaw pain. If you’re experiencing jaw pain, contact the caring team at Sunny Smile Orthodontic and schedule a consultation with Dr. Condie.

Are there certain symptoms associated with TMJ?

Yes. The most common complaint that men, women, and children have when they suspect TMJ is pain. You can have pain in your face, jaw, or even your ears. Sometimes, the pain is followed by a headache. You might also experience:

  • Clicking or popping in your jaw
  • Locked jaws
  • Swelling in your face
  • Sore or tender jaw muscles

Why is grinding your teeth such a concern?

While grinding your teeth might be a habit when you’re stressed or anxious, you should work to eliminate it. Grinding your teeth actually files your teeth down and causes them to lose their shape, impairing your bite. Grinding your teeth may also increase chances of breaking your teeth, leading to an even bigger concern in the future.

Dr. Condie can tell if you’re a teeth grinder during your examination. Before your teeth get worse and your jaw pain becomes unbearable, have Dr. Condie treat the problem. He can fit you for a night guard, if you’re grinding at night.

Schedule an appointment with Sunny Smile Orthodontics today and get relief from your jaw pain so you can start smiling it up again!


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